Good Luck Soup

Good Luck Soup is a transmedia documentary project on the journey of Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians before, during, and after World War II.

Contribute to our collection of memories by sharing your own story through photographs and text.

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Dressed in the best

My mom, sister, and I at a Park in Cleveland.

When I was growing up in Cleveland my mother, Eva, made sure we had the opportunity to be exposed to and learn cultural items that she couldn't while growing up in California farm country. Keeping in mind that her family lost just about all their possessions during the war she enjoyed dressing us in the best clothes that she and my dad could afford. She especially spent a lot of effort taking my sister Beverly to Japanese dance and piano classes.

Since she couldn’t afford babysitters Mom had to take me to Beverly’s classes and I had to learn how to bide my time and be stoic during the countless hours of waiting to get back home. Beverly’s kimono’s were always very colorful and many of our parent’s friends would fuss over her like a Kokeshi doll. I used to think how beautiful I would be too if I wore a colorful Kimono.

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